my favorite find of the weekend

Hi dears!

I went to an amazing estate sale Friday afternoon out in the country. The contents of an entire old farmhouse were for sale, and I had so much fun wandering around the grounds, barns and massive house, picking out treasures to take home. My favorite find of the day is definitely this rolling dumb waiter I got for $1. 

I’ve been looking for a small bar table to for my dining room for ages and this baby fits perfectly. Plus, it has wheels! When I got it home, I gave it quick bleach-water bath outside (and discovered two daddy long legs!) before bringing it inside and polishing it top-to-bottom with Old English. I topped it with my favorite bottles and thrifted bar utensils (including these babies) and voila—this girl is ready to host a party! I still can’t get over that it was just $1. That’s $2 less than the cheapest beer at my favorite bar!

Did you go to any estate or rummage sales this weekend? Find anything fun?



4 thoughts on “my favorite find of the weekend

  1. I’m SO jealous! You and Emily from cupcakesandcashmere both found the perfect dry bar. I’ve been on the hunt and have settled for using a bookshelf that I modified. Someday…

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