rummage sale finds

I practiced an above-average level of restraint this Saturday and went home with only a  couple of things from our rummage sale. Some bargains are just too good to pass up.

For example…

And, just when we were wrapping up the day, Andrea’s mom dropped off this beautiful afghan she found. I love it so much!

Did you get out rummage sale-ing or thrifting this weekend? Find anything fun?



5 thoughts on “rummage sale finds

  1. found way too much this weekend but did demonstrate a little bit of restraint. i love the global flashcards. i found a bunch of glittery vintage buttons today.

  2. I love all my wonderful goodies (photo book, 2 dresses, a purse + a top) from the Mighty Swell sale. Cannot WAIT to wear the stunning ‘raspberry’ dress! Thank you for always making my closet happy!

  3. Love garage sales, but I have to admit I rarely buy shoes because I have 2 different size feet. Just got back from buying 12 cassette tapes for a dime each, 3 CDs for .75 each , a really nice Old Navy button front shirt for $1.50 { my splurge for the day} a trio of metal tins for $1.00. I would say that 90% of my apartment is from thrift shops and garage sales.

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