clickin’ around, vol. 11


I don’t think I’ve been this envious of a thrift find EVER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. Nice work, Holly!

 My recent hyperactivity can directly be attributed to this raspberry iced coffee recipe. So good! So easy!

 The beautiful blonde behind Blingo has started a-dress-a-day challenge for reasons that are highly (and uncomfortably) relatable. Check it out!

♥ Ashley of Fancy Fine has the whole long skirt + cropped top = fashion magic thing down pat. So it’s no surprise the looks she pulled together here are spot on.

 A spa day has been on my wish list for eons, but my visits to Wells Fargo dot com tell me to keep on a’wishin’. Just in the knick of time, here’s a guide from Whole Living for at-home spa-ing. Really though, isn’t  “at home spa” an oxymoron?

I’ve been addicted to Trader Joe’s chocolate-covered pretzels since the last Mighty Swell sale (thanks a lot Rae!) so this post about making them yourself at home caught my eye. You know, in case I’m ever going through withdrawals and TJ’s happens to be closed.

  “More is more” will forever be my preferred style of decorating. So, I can’t not share this amazing photo tour of Iris Apfel’s “exuberant” apartment, found via Miss Moss.

A question worth considering.

Alexa, photographed by Ellen. Simply beautiful.

 I’ve been having a ball digging up merchandising and window ideas tonight for Mighty Swell’s upcoming summer sale. Let’s just say the Lovin’ Spoonful has provided me a heapin’ amount of inspiration! 



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