heads up: 4th of july weekend sales


Ah, the 4th of July weekend is nearly upon us. Time to dig out the sunscreen, stock up on sparklers, figure out where to watch the fireworks…and…if you’re at all like me, think about what thrift-store sales you’re going to hit up! To make your lives a little bit easier, I’m giving you a list of the best sales this weekend has to offer (and a round-up of shops that’ll be closed on Monday). Enjoy!


Savers is offering 50% off all clothing, shoes, accessories and bed and bath items. Stores will open extended hours, from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Check out Hidden Treasures’ sale—everything’s 40% off—from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Both of Hope Chest for Breast Cancer’s Retail Stores are hooking customers up with 30% off any one item, including furniture, home decor, you name it all weekend long.


Stock up on clothing at Salvation Army Family Stores—it’ll all be 50% off on Monday, including fancy new Target swag in the basement of the downtown Minneapolis store. The well-curated Oakdale Boutique is offering half-off everything in their shop, including clothing, housewares, vinyl, books, art and furniture.

 Go crazy at Goodwill, where from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., almost everything in store is 50% off. A list of metro-area locations is here.

Unique/Valu Thrifts are offering shoppers half-off from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Since Unique’s prices are on the high end to start with, Monday will be a great day to pick up items you’ve been eying.

Thrifts that will be closed on Monday: ARC Value Village, Bethesda Thrift Shop, Animal Ark Thrift Store, East Side Thrift Store, The Lost & Found, Assistance League Thrift Shop, St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores, Hope Chest for Breast Cancer Retail Stores, Family Pathways Thrift Stores and Bibles for Missions (closed Saturday, Sunday AND Monday).

I’ll be back tomorrow with some pro tips for surviving the super busy sale days. I got great advice from some boss thrifters…I can’t wait to share with y’all!



{guest post} how to: make lavender-lemon ice pops

I couldn’t be more excited about today’s guest how-to, courtesy of Andi McDaniel, co-owner of 10,000 Licks, the Twin Cities’ new gourmet farm-fresh ice pop business. You can find these gals’ insanely delicious treats at the Midtown and Uptown Farmers’ Markets, beginning July 16th. They’ll also be sampling mini-pops at the Mighty Swell’s “Summer in the City” event…an idea, I think is, well, mighty badass. Learn more (and peruse flavors!) on their website here. And for goodness sake, become a fan on 10,000 Licks on Facebook! Take it away Andi…

My husband and I bought our house in Longfellow in late winter, when the entire yard was still covered in a stubborn layer of snow. So imagine my surprise—and delight—when the snow melted and revealed a wealth of edible riches—Blueberries! Rhubarb! Thyme! And best of all—the healthiest looking lavender plant east of California. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I’ve heard that lavender is finicky, and yet ours, miraculously, isn’t. But enough about our dumb luck. Let’s talk about how to turn lavender, and it’s flavor-soulmate, lemon, into delicious homemade ice pops. Because it’s finally summer and it’s best we forget about snow for awhile.

This recipe is actually the first “official” 10,000 Licks ice pop recipe my business partner shared with me the other day. We’ve been making our ice pops in our home kitchens so far (we move into a commercial kitchen on July 1), and as we’ve been test-driving recipes, we’ve each adopted our faves. I’m the Sweet Corn gal, as well as the steward of Rhubarb and Vanilla Beet. Meanwhile, Sarah is the genius behind Lavender Lemon. She’s been in charge of them—so I had no idea how to make them. I emailed her for the details and here’s the scoop.


♥ Juice of six large lemons (makes about 1 1/2 cups juice if you use a juicer, so if you’re doing it by hand use extra lemons)

♥ Equal parts water (to match the lemon juice)

For the simple syrup:

 1 cup of honey (raw is tastiest, I’ve found)

 1 cup of water

 Approximately 4-5 tablespoons of lavender


1. Juice the lemons.

2. Combine lemon juice with equal parts water (strain out lemon seeds and pulp if you’re doing it by hand).

3. Refrigerate lemon mixture.

4. Meanwhile, combine honey, lavender and 1 cup of water in a medium-sized saucepan and bring to a boil. Once boiling, stir to dissolve honey, then remove from heat almost immediately. Cover and let sit for as long as overnight or as little as one hour (if you can’t let it sit overnight, just use more lavender—it’s all about flavor potency!).

5. Once syrup is cool, combine with lemon mixture and poor into molds. (We use these.)

6. Freeze overnight.

Note: These pops would do fabulously as ice cubes, for use in the cocktail of your choice. If freezing in an ice cube tray, a few hours in the freezer will be plenty of time.


comfy summer uniform

Busy weeks like this one have me craving comfort. Spaghetti and meatballs for dinner eaten in jeans and a T-shirt with a shoulder rub from my honey for dessert kind of comfort. Except here’s the thing…I don’t actually own a pair of jeans. In the great pre-rummage sale purge, I tossed all my hole-y ones, which left me with, well, none. Good thing I have plenty of skirts and tees, a combo just as amenable to pasta dinners and back rubs, thank goodness. Want to see some comfy casual looks I’ve been eying up for inspiration lately? Behold…

Katy, from Kansas Couture, nails it here in this badass eagle tee, lace-less loafers and some nice accessories. I don’t know how this band she’s repping sounds, but I’m pretty sure I’d be a fan just so I could scoop up their tee. Snaps for Katy for thrifting nearly everything pictured, too!

Mandi, from Here’s Looking at me Kid fame, also has this whole look down pat. I’d really love to own one of these “Midwest is Best” tees from Megan Lee Designs someday. One more cute-related side note: I’ve got to pick up some ankle socks ASAP (or just find the ones I purchase last spring and immediately lost).

Outfits like Amanda’s make me feel like a pansy for my day-to-day color choices. I adore her banana yellow bag with that ’80s-ish dotted top, and how the chambray skirt tones everything down.

Last but not least, if you’ve got the bod to pull off a crop top and body-con skirt, feel free to do it like this Polish cutie does. I’m such a fan of white tennies paired with short skirts.

Now that you know about my comfy summer uniform, why don’t you tell me about yours?



clickin’ around, vol. 14


Ready for your weekly dose of things interesting things on the Internets? Off we go…

Like the pic above? It’s from my tumblr crush of the week, That Kind of Woman.

“Mirror cleansing.” I like this idea (and this entire post) a whole heck of a lot.

The Ghost Adventurers visited Loretta Lynn’s ranch and I missed it. Poop.

These Tennessee sunset pics are making me all nostalgic for vacation.

Silly me. Why haven’t I been following Time Enough for Drums until now?

Got to try this ombre mani how-to ASAP.

These yummy micheladas would go perfectly with nachos. So would these frozen peach margs. Yum, yum, yum.

I hope y’all have had beauteous days so far. After work I’m heading up to St. Cloud to visit with my man’s fam. If I’m lucky, we’ll squeeze in a stop at Savers, too! Wheeeee!



a few fargo finds

I’m back! After a marathon day of driving and thrifting, thrifting and driving, I got home from Fargo stinky, hungry and too tired to even unload the car. It was worth it though! I went to a lot of sweet new-to-me shops and loved the drive itself—it really was the perfect day for it. Anyway, here are a few things I found….

Other scores not pictured: an over-sized woven beach bag, a super cute ’50s sweater with little Yorkies embroidered onto it, a fringe-y suede vest, lots of dresses, some cool paint-by-numbers, some cute skirts and blouses, a few nice Pyrex casseroles, two sassy pin-up girl crop tops, a lamp for the shop’s dressing room….I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff. Anyway, I’ve got to hustle on getting some of the clothes prepped in time for the Mighty Swell sneak peek photo shoot scheduled for Thursday! We have super pretty models lined up and our favorite photographer is shooting them—it should be a really fun night!

Did you get out and thrift or rummage sale this weekend? Find anything awesome?

I hope you all have beautiful days!



heckya fargo thrifting


This weekend, I’m excited to f-i-n-a-l-l-y head up to Fargo for a mini thrifting adventure. Going to new thrift stores makes me downright giddy, which I know is probably not normal at all. But really, spending the weekend hunting for awesome stuff that lies just a day away—how can that not be a fun time? I’ve saved up some dollars for gas and goodies too, which means I don’t feel badly about stopping a lot on the way there and back. St. Cloud, Alexandria, Fergus Falls, wherever else is on the way, I’m a comin’ for ya!


I wish I could leave right this instant BUT…this girl’s got bills to pay (lots of ’em) and a to-do list at work that’s freakishly long, so it’s off to the office I go. I hope you all have wonderful Fridays!