clickin’ around, vol. 10

 It’s Bob Dylan’s birthday! Here he is with Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge, photo found via When You Awake. And for my Minneapolis locals, here are 17 ways to celebrate his birthday.

 Tips for channeling your inner Kayne, c/o Stylish Thought.

 I’m green with envy over this collection of ’70s tears from Glamour Maegan’s mom’s held on to.

 Homemade. Freezer. Burritos. A genius idea blogged by momma-to-be Talia Christine!

Vicki’s gorgeous mixed media collages are so dreamy. How sweet is this pink Doris Day one for example?

Loved this slideshow covering 25 years of Oprah’s fashion hits and misses.

How to tie a scarf video tutorial, c/o The Girls With Glasses Show blog.

This week’s baking project = salted fudge brownies, c/o Eating for England. Yum!

An essential summer read: Hannah’s ideas for healthy, fancy flavored waters.



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