get in shape, girl!

 I’m going to my first-ever ballet booty barre class this morning and I’m more than a little reluctant. How did I, queen of the laze, wind up with this a.m. agenda? Well, in a moment of extreme ambition, I purchased a Groupon to a fancy yoga/Pilates studio in town. I’ve since put off using it for literal months and it’s about to expire. Seeing as nothing irks me more than wasting my hard-earned pennies, I’m off to activate it today (along with some muscles I’ve probably forgotten I had). Wish me luck? I so need it.



P.S. Did any of y’all ’80s babies have Get in Shape, Girl! books, cassettes or any of their other pastel paraphernalia? I remember doing leg lifts on the carpet of my childhood bedroom, staring at the cassette player and being supremely bored. Lazy 4 life, that’s me!

3 thoughts on “get in shape, girl!

  1. Yeah! She’s so appealing. Get in shape girl… you know the feeling! Creepy little 8 year old Jane Fonda wanna be girls dancing around in their legwarmers. Thanks for the memories.

  2. How’d it go???

    AND OMG! I totally had the get in shape girl cassette with the weights you willed with water & the poster to follow along with. I have not thought of it for years!!

    I am running off to tell my sister!

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