scenes from saturday

A good friend of Mighty Swell, Dajna Bartulović, stopped by the store Saturday morning just before we opened to snap some pics before total madness ensued. In case you couldn’t make it, here’s a peek.

I’m 99 percent sure I was Googling “how to figure out percentages” when this photo was taken. Math = not my strongest suit.

Can you tell I slept, like, three hours the night before this was taken? Hopefully not. I loved, loved, loved Rae’s outfit.

Cutest storefront of all time? I’d like to think so.

Our belt ladies are totally naked now!

Tons of skirts.

Anyway, to everyone who came, effin’ A, THANK YOU. And to those of who gave us reviews so sweet on Yelp I nearly cried, thanks to you too. Really and truly, we couldn’t do this without you guys.



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