cool website:

Have y’all heard of It’s a nifty site that auctions off collectibles, antiques and vintage goodies from Goodwill thrift stores around the country. But unlike Etsy and eBay, proceeds from the auctions go straight to Goodwill’s education, training and job placement programs. My biggest gripe is the quality of the photos (they blow!), but that doesn’t stop me from browsing on the regular. Whatever you collect—pink Depression glassLoretta Lynn records, vintage belt buckles or film cameras—you’re bound to find something you’ll want at a reasonable price. If I had some extra ching, you better believe I’d be bidding on this lace-y navy blue dress

this vintage jewelry box STUFFED WITH JEWELRY

 this pretty Pyrex casserole

and this lot of vintage postcards. As if I don’t have enough.

The majority of items on are available for in-store pick up (with 24 hours advance notice), so if you get your heart set on, say, a piece of furniture or a heavy typewriter, you can swing by the Goodwill it’s from and pick it up after purchasing it online. If you’re not nearby, expect to pony up for shipping.

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!


1 thought on “cool website:

  1. I had to return both items I bought on

    One had an obvious stain, neither pictured (or mentioned in the description.)

    The other had a greasy, dirty feel to it.

    I got stuck with the shipping on both.

    Never again.

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