diy: pretty thumbtacks

Hi dears!

I dabbled in a spot of diy-ing this weekend in between moving, housework and work-work. It felt so good to sit down, watch a movie and do something that didn’t involve heavy lifting or heavy thinking. My decision about what to make was essentially made for me when I saw “you don’t have to be a careful cutter” in the instructions for these fabric-covered thumbtacks. Because a careful cutter is a thing I am not.

I won’t go over the entire how-to because the original tutorial on How About Orange does a fantastic job of doing just that, but here are a few peeks of the final product. Cute right?

I would say they add a cheery touch to my cork board and I’ll definitely be making more soon. Are you having decent Mondays so far? I turned in a project today that had become a giant monkey on my back and I feel so, so, so relieved to be done with it. Here’s hoping it sets the tone for a stress-free week!



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