the cherokee cowboy

Hey all!

Just a few photos from Sunday I’m a little late in posting…My man and I went to Treasure Island to see Ray Price perform. For being 85-years-old, he sounded great, and although his set was fairly short, he sang a lot of the hits we were hoping to hear. He even stuck around the lobby afterwards, signing people’s records (or, in our case, our tickets) and posing for photos. All in all, it was a really fun day*.

*Up until about 10 p.m., when I came down with an horrible bout of food poisoning. Kind of a bummer way to end such a good day, but what can you do? Avoid casino buffets, that’s what!



1 thought on “the cherokee cowboy

  1. Very cool. I agree that casinos are a great place to see shows: I’ve seen Tom Jones, Blondie, Dwight Yokum, just to name a few. Hope you’re tummy is better.

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