clickin’ around, vol. 6


I watched this movie yesterday morning and loved, loved, loved it. If you like ’60s girl groups, it’s a definite must-watch. The fashion is super rad, too.

In what’s definitely my first and probably only reference to Maxim magazine on this blog, I have to admit I loved this article in the March issue about two dudes on a quest for the perfect plate of nachos (aka my favorite food in the universe).

Reading this motivated me to clean out my desk drawers at the office today. Tip  numero six also struck a chord.

I made a really big girl decision recently—one that’s going to require me to suck it up and spend less. So, this article on shopping pitfalls and how to avoid them, couldn’t be more timely.

I need to host a brunch soon, just so I have an excuse to make this Rainbow French Toast. Isn’t it purty?

Oh, and one last thing—I might have found my dream wedding venue. (Originally spotted on Bleubird Vintage.)




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