spring things

Some weeks I wish money grew on trees solely so I could spend it all on Etsy.  Here’s a little random assortment of things I’ve added to my spring wish list this week.

Andrea and I are signing on for another session of community ed swimming, which is reason enough to pick up another vintage suit, right? Right.

{Pastel Butterfly Dream Skirted Swimsuit, $29, Gimme Nicole}

Capes and ponchos serve as fantastic transition pieces during that slushy, suck-filled buffer season between winter and spring.

{Vintage Folklore Cape, $26, Scottie in a Canoe)

I’d be happy to see one of these pastel postcards in my mailbox some dreary day.

{Set of 4 Postcards, $9, Lola’s Room}

I love these creamsicle-colored floral ponytail holders. So cute! $10 for two ain’t bad, either!

{Two Flower Pony Tail Holders, $10, Tamar}

This needs to hang above my desk as a daily reminder that uncomplicated = good.

{Keep it Simple Doily Wall Art, $27, Three Red Apples}

Is it weird that I dream about thrifting awesome sets of pink Pyrex? Because I do.

{Vintage Pyrex Pink Daisy Casserole Set, $65, Sassbox Classics}

Bigger is better when it comes to hair, savings accounts and polka dots.

{Polka Dot ’80s Blazer, $45, Vonlenska’s Vintage}

And with that, I’m off to tidy up the kitchen. Good times. (No.)






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