favorite find of the weekend

My sweetheart and I were thrifting fools on Saturday. He moved recently, so we’re hunting for, well…everything. Our first stop of the day was the Salvation Army Boutique in Oakdale. The week before, I had spotted this amazing antique radio/bar thing that would fit well in his apartment. Tragically, it was long gone. (“Flew out the door,” said the manager.) My bummed-ness was quickly remedied by finding this cute little fur piece, on sale for 1/2 off.

Half-off of $9 = $4.50, right? Right.

And that, my dears, is my favorite find of the weekend. Have you been thrifting lately? Have you found anything special? Do tell!




7 thoughts on “favorite find of the weekend

  1. Sooooo, I walked into savers on central expecting to buy nothing, because I have terrible luck finding ANYTHING there, and found LOADS of things, which then led to me to start thinking like you and Rae, and I bought them even if there was no way it would ever fit (like the xxl boiled wool coat with fur collar and gorgeous carved buttons). I made the excuse to kyle that maybe I’d just have to be a small vendor at Might Swell next fall :)

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