clickin’ around, v. 3

Hey y’all!

I put together a little round-up of things rocking my world right now. Dig in, click around, lose yourself in the wonder that is the Internetz.

I’ve got to snag some driftwood next time I’m home so I can make one of these nifty driftwood jewelry hangers. (Pick one up in Semi’s Etsy shop, if getting your hands dirty doesn’t appeal.)

No week in my life is complete until I’ve eaten at Band Box Diner. It is my favorite. So, when the owner told me yesterday that he and the diner were on the news, you know I had to track the video down and share it with y’all! Check it out here. (Or, if you’re a local, and haven’t been there, get on it!)

This round-up of 10 spotlight-stealing dresses is cool. And since we’re on the topic of flicks with crazy great fashion, did you see Design*Sponge’s Living In: Bonnie & Clyde?

Scenes from the Black Hills, circa 1972. Gorgeous.

I love how Jenny’s thrifted art makeover. Cute, easy and cheap, cheap, cheap.

Speaking of cheapness, my post on Beauty Bets this week features my five DIY remedies for getting rid of eye bags. Good tricks to know, what with allergy season practically around the corner.

Finally, you have to listen to this song. I can’t decide whether it’s the pared-down drumming or Johnny’s loud-as-heck solos that stole my heart. Either way, I can’t stop listening to it.

Have wonderful evenings, m’dears!



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