mighty swell studio makeover kick-off

Last weekend, Rae and I officially started to work on Mighty Swell’s studio space. The two lofty rooms have to do triple duty: one, serve as my home office/crafty space, two, store all our vintage goodies, and last but not least, be comfortable and organized enough to accommodate stylists and shoppers that want to drop by and do some browsing in between our pop-ups.

I’ve gotten a ton of good ideas and inspiration from the blog Crowded With Desks. How beautiful are some of these work spaces?

{All images c/o Crowded With Desks}

We’ve set the budget and taken measurements…now all we have to do is start scouring the thrifts and Craigslist, make a couple efficient IKEA runs and get to work! Stay tuned for updates, and a before-and-after post, once we’re done. Wish me luck?




5 thoughts on “mighty swell studio makeover kick-off

  1. Dude William and I are also working on workspace overhauls (in our, hahaaaa, spare time)! Don’t tell me you’re going to allow shopping in between times. . . that will be bad for me. And my bank account.

    When I get back from my badly needed vacation: Drinks, please?!

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