clickin’ around, v. 2


Wowzers, today’s been a busy one. I’m excited to knock out some quick errands and then spend the rest of the night unwinding with a yoga DVD and a super-duper hot bath. While I’m erranding, stretching and soaking, enjoy these links to things that have been making me happy this week.

Obsessed is an understatement when it comes to my search for classic country blogs that are worth following. Wild Mountain Roses is one of my happiest discoveries of late.

Did you see my pal Mary in Glamour mag this month? She’s on pg. 132 looking sooooo beautiful in a thrifted skirt she bought on one of our many shopping adventures. And I also spotted a trio of MPLS cuties, photographed by Ellen Dahl, in this month’s Lucky! You go girls!

The juicy pops of colors in Rodarte for Opening Ceremony’s lookbook are so rad! Thanks to Nylon, I found out that Urban Outfitters sells a pack of surround Holga filters so you can recreate the look yourself. Sweetness.

How close have I come to convincing myself that I need a drawer full of these $68 knickers from Hopeless? Dangerously.

Staying on the topic of irresistable underthings, I would have given my right arm to be at The Loved One’s fanatically flower-filled pop-up shop opening. Why does everything awesome happen in California? (No really, why?)

This “It’s Cool to be a Cat Guy” video cracked me up. (My guy, for the record, is definitely a cat guy.)

I’ve blabbed about my love for retro curls here and here, so you can imagine how excited I am to try Seablanket’s ’70s curl how-to. She has the best tutorials, FYI!

And finally, since we’re on the topic of getting prettified, Beauty Bets‘ e-newsletter launches tomorrow. Have you signed up?



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