classic country clutter

I was tidying up my place this afternoon, trying to find homes for all the randomness that had wound up on the dining room table. It didn’t take long to feel out a solid theme.

And we have, clockwise from top left: Famous Country Singers Paper Dolls, a gift from Andrea;  The Wonderful World of Country Music, thrifted at the Goodwill in Elk River for $1; Kitty Well’s Country Cookbook, a gift from Atty’s Vintage; The Best of Country Music Playing Cards, found for $6 on eBay.

Yikes. All I know is that this little collection is going to get way out of hand after our upcoming trip to TN. My honey and I may need to rent a U-Haul in order to bring it all back with us!

Well, I’m off to finish the last of Saturday’s chores…mopping the kitchen floor. After a two-week stand-off, it’s time to surrender and break out the Lysol. Later, dinner at this new burger joint in my neighborhood with my sweetheart. I love Saturdays so much they make me squinchy smile!



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