heads up: brynn andre at the aster cafe

Hi lovelies,

I’m popping in to say “hello” and introduce you to this lovely girl, Brynn Andre.

She’s playing at the Aster Cafe tomorrow night, and if you’re a fan of pretty piano music and sweet singing, I’d encourage you to go. (Swear to goodness, her voice sounds so close to Lisa Loeb’s! Side note: Raise your hand if you listened to “Firecracker” obsessively in junior high!! All right, I’m not the only one!) I sat down with her this past weekend to to chat about her music and thrifty ways over cupcakes and coffee.

About her music…

Me: Describe your sound (short & sweet).

Brynn: My sound is piano-led songwriting. I write songs about boys and how much I hate to like them.

Me: Fill in the blank….If you like (blank), you’ll like my music.

Brynn: Boys, brooding, singer-songwriters, champagne.

Me: Tell me about the show on Wednesday.

Brynn: The show starts at 9 p.m. with Lisa Keith. I go on at 10 p.m. It will be a stripped-down set with just me, my keyboard and my strings player, Cassidy. I’m thrilled to be playing at the Aster. It’s such a gorgeous venue. The atmosphere is very warm and the sound is excellent for singer-songwriters. I think it is a perfect cozy place to be on a Wednesday night.

Me: Are you a fan girl for any local artists?

Brynn: I’ve been falling in love with all the talented musicians in the cities. I am obsessed with Alicia Wiley. I love Greycoats sound as well. And my friends French Films About Trains (a husband/wife duo) write breathtaking music. Cole Allen is another new discovery. He sounds like Jonny Lang and could make any girl swoon.

About her thrifty ways…

Me: How’d you get into thrifting?

Brynn: No one likes a deal more than my mom. She has a great eye for vintage clothes and furniture. For a long time, I hated when she would buy me and my sisters “second-hand” clothes, but then I got the bug. My room and apartment is furnished with mostly Goodwill furniture. I love how social thrifting is, too. I have spent some fun days with my best friend Kristen at thrift stores. You either find something totally fabulous like an old purse or something hilarious like an old PlayGirl workout VHS. And yes, I did buy that.

Me: Where are you favorite spots to hit around town? Any remarkable/favorite finds?

Brynn: I have to credit my little sister for introducing me to Up Six in St. Paul. And right around the corner is Lula which has the prettiest dresses. I found a killer oil painting at Succotash on Raymond Street. I splurged and spent $35 on it, but I secretly feel really sophisticated to have real art hanging in my apartment.

Me: This dress you’re wearing? Was it really 25 cents?

Brynn: The dress is something my mom bought for me from this store called Wise Penny in my hometown of Williston, North Dakota. It was 25 cents and my mom altered the sleeves slightly. I’ve worn it to so many events including my college graduation, my 26th birthday and a wedding. And I love it because it makes me think of my mom. And she’s pretty great.

Me: Any thrifting tips to share?

Brynn: I would say shop both “vintage” stores and Goodwill-type stores. About a month after my mom found me the 25 cent fabulous dress, I actually found the same dress at a vintage store in Minneapolis, but it was $40. Another tip is to check out Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie’s websites in their home decor sections. They have a real thrift/vintage vibe and I always get good ideas. Then I go to the thrift, and try to recreate a similar look with cheap things I get from there.

Brynn is playing at the Aster Cafe tomorrow night, February 2. Admission is $6 and proceeds go to Kids Against Hunger. You can listen to her first LP in its entirety here. Get deets regarding the release of her forthcoming record (recorded last month in Nashville!) by following her on Facebook and Twitter.

And with that, I’m off to tackle some laundry!



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