judy lee jewelry

I’m no expert, but from what I’ve seen first-hand, most baubles bought at  contemporary jewelry fêtes fall into one of two categories: “fake bling tacky” and “just plain blah.” Oh, how I wish Judy Lee Jewelry was still around.

Back in my grandma’s days, these costume jewels were sold at in-home, Tupperware-like parties. Known for the use of high-quality rhinestones, the Chicago-based line also had some pretty, sophisticated designs.


Nice, right? Pretty as it is, Judy Lee isn’t widely collected (yet), so you can find it at thrifts and antique malls (and Etsy and Ebay, of course) for pretty reasonable prices. To identify, look for the small, script-y Judy Lee signature, as seen on the back of this pair of earrings.

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13 thoughts on “judy lee jewelry

  1. I love Judy Lee! I became obsessed right at Christmas when I found a huge silver poinsettia pin on etsy,and realized most of the chunky textured silver chokers I’m compulsively drawn to are Judy Lee. I only have the brooch now, but I can’t imagine passing up a piece on the thrift..

  2. Blanche and Aldo Viano were my Grandparents. Judy Lee is my lovely Mother. Blanche was a brilliant business woman, and is missed greatly. I hope to increase my Judy Lee collection over the years. I am glad you all are enjoying her work. Grandson, Jamie.

      • I have just had the pleasure of owning a Judy-Lee braclet, which is just
        stunning. I have just been into google and found out all this fasinating info and seen what amazing jewerley she had designed. Very very interesting and I adore my braclet.. shall be a treasure.

    • I was one of the ladies who had Judy Lee Home Parties in the early 1960. I received a Judy Lee Jewelry box with many of the jewelry for my efforts and still own it.
      I am tinterested in selling the whole collection or seperate sets. Everything is in mint condition as I was told by an expert.
      I can be reached at rteufel24@wateroak.cc
      or 352 753-5415

      • Rosemarie, just found your comment regarding my Grandmother Blanche Viano/Judy Lee Jewels. It’s only been 3 years, right…so sorry. Do you still have your collection? I can be emailed at jweiss108@aol.com, or phoned at 407-484-0780. Would love to hear from you.

        Jamie Weiss

    • hI Jamie, my mother worked for Judy Lee for many years until they moved to Florida. She then traveled back and fourth until they settled. I still have many pieces of jewelry and keep looking on ebay for more.

  3. My mom was a huge costume jewelry collector and I found a beautiful set of Judy Lee in her collection I am getting ready to list on my etsy site. Thank you for the information. Wish I could keep it all but have to sell some.

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