beating the midwinter blues

Winter is serious business in Minnesota.

Exhibit A, taken last Friday morning:

Brutal right? Besides being cold, snowy and dark, winter is mentally tiring. Come January, there seems to be two options: You can bitch and moan your way through April, hating every second, or see the months ahead as a challenge and do everything you can to make the most of it. The past few years I’ve been choosing the latter. Here are some things that help get me through this hellacious season.

Wearing sparkly things always cheers me up. Whether it’s a sequined sweater or glittery heels, a little bit of razzle-dazzle never hurt anyone.

Indulging in comfort foods like mac ‘n’ cheese, nachos, cheesy breakfast burritos and these babies.

Get exercise! Yoga class, quick walks around the block with Finn, swimming laps in Northeast with Andrea, Wii parties, sledding…anything to keep moving.

Having little at-home dates with pals. Whether you cook a meal, order pizza, listen to records or watch a movie…time in with your girls is priceless.

Tea = hydrating and warming. Therefore, I drink it all. the. time. I want to make this honey-sweetened ginger tea soon! It sounds so yummy.


My mom got me these sheets for Christmas and they’ve made my bed infinitely more cozy. Because goodness knows we all spend more time there than in the summer.


Go on some weekend-long thrifting adventures. If the roads are good, it can be so mind-clearing to get out of the house and spend an afternoon exploring a new town and thrifts.

Fill your drawers with cozy lounge wear. (Just don’t wear it outside the house.) I can’t imagine getting through winter without my multiple pairs of these and these. Love, love, love.


{For more ideas, check out Decor8’s Dreary Day Inspiration.}

What do you do to survive winter? Any tips or ideas to share?



P.S. Be sure to check out Beauty Bets tomorrow. I wrote about an ah-mazing drugstore foundation that I can’t imagine my beauty bag being without!

8 thoughts on “beating the midwinter blues

  1. Nature knows how to keep her creatures warm. I follow her lead with natural fibers: cashmere, alpaca, fur, at bargain prices at the thrift stores.

  2. Oh my gosh, RUN–don’t walk–and go make that tea recipe. Then, let me know how it is! Lemon ginger tea is my absolute favorite thing. I just ran out of my last box of Twinings tea I brought home from London and it was a devastating moment for me. I can’t find anything even remotely comparable in the states! Everyone over here seems to want to put anise in their lemon-ginger tea. Blechch.

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  4. I wear racy lingerie under my millions of layers. It’s nice to be reminded that I have a shape/body somewhere in there. Some times I even wear my bathing suit under the layers to remind me that summer will come again.

    Oh, and lots and lots of hot toddies.

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