two tuesday finds

Here are a couple of my favorite finds from today…

1. A beautiful 4 x 6 framed photo of some pretty cacti. I love, love, love the desert and this photo reminds me of my uncle’s place in Tucson and the many good times I’ve had there.

2. I got this vintage crocheted turban for $3! Wearing it tonight has helped me feel more glamorous as I do fancy things like eat take-out spring rolls and type up notes from my work conference. Plus, it’s crazy cozy, which’ll come in handy once I’m back in Minnesnowta.

Other sweet finds, not pictured…a rad mink headband, some over-sized sunnies, a ’70s striped cotton romper and a crisp red, white and blue dress from the ’60s. It’s ULTRA cute and I can’t wait to wear it this summer—it’ll be perfect for the 4th!

Well, I’m off to watch some crap TV and hit the hay. I’ve to get up early tomorrow, pack and switch hotels. I’m moving on down the Strip to the Paris for my last night in Vegas!

Nighty night, sweets!



3 thoughts on “two tuesday finds

  1. That turban is so so great! And it fits you perfectly. I’ve been seeing these on several fashion blogs and I think they are so cute. What a great thrift store find!

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