kayd design cocktail ring giveaway!!! [closed]

Hey lovelies, and happy Monday!

Yes, yes, the holidays are behind us (thank goodness), but that doesn’t mean our glittery party apparel has to be relegated to the back of our closets, right? (RIGHT?)  I mean, there are parties to be had in January, too! One way to quickly turn any ensemble into something fiesta-ready is to throw on a big, sparkly ring.  A ring like those by Kayd Mustonen, a Minneapolis-based graphic designer and creator of these très cute cocktail rings, made from re-purposed vintage earrings.

A quick Q & A with Miss Mustonen…

HPT: How’d you get started, turning grandma-y earrings into your super cute group of “gals?”

Kayd: I saw rings like this at a craft fair and thought,”‘Hey, I can do this!” Soon after I went through my grandma’s costume jewelry and chose a bunch of pieces that would never again be worn as earrings, but would make fabulous cocktail rings.

HPT: Did you thrift any of the earrings? If so, where are some of your favorite places to vintage/thrift shop?

Kayd: Estate sales are my favorite place—especially to find jewelry. I mainly find sales on Craigslist—Birkeland lists their upcoming sales on their website, too. Not many people go for the jewelry at estate sales, so no matter when I get to one, I usually have prime pick.

HPT: Dorothy, Florence, Gladys, Ruth, Lucille…the names you assign each ring are super cute. How do you think of them?

Kayd: These big, flashing rings are stylish right now but I knew I wanted mine to stand out in a different way. I chose to call each of my rings a name from the 1920-30s to tie in the history of the re-purposed aspect. I started with my grandma’s and great-aunt’s names and it just grew from there.

{Stay up-to-date to what Kayd’s working on, via her website, blog and Twitter.}

Kayd’s generously offered TWO of her handmade pretties for TWO lucky High Plains readers! To enter, please leave a comment telling us where you’d rock one of these pretty thangs. For an extra chance to win, tweet or blog about the giveaway and enter the link to your tweet/blog in a separate comment.

We’ll pick the winners on Friday, so hop to!! Good luck!



38 thoughts on “kayd design cocktail ring giveaway!!! [closed]

  1. I don’t get out much, but I would love wearing one of those pretty rings with my jersey at a MN Wild game. Yes, slightly incongruous, but girly and fun.

  2. I have been trying to find where Kayd sells her rings since I wasn’t able to come back to mighty swell to get a second one of her pretties.
    I’d wear it pretty much everywhere! I have worn the one I have purchased for xmas day, to hang around at home, for parties. It’s pretty awesome and I need more of these rings!

  3. I would wear one of those beauties all around the cities: Uptown while grocery shopping, out to eat in my neighborhood (LynLake), downtown while walking to-and-from work in the sky way, on the bus, at the Guthrie. Everywhere!

  4. Oh, everywhere! To go meet with my friends, to school and even home alone, just to dress up and feel pretty.
    Specially the biggest ones, I never find any ring that I like and these look amazing!

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  6. All of Kayd’s stuff is frickin awesome! I would rock her rings everywhere, especially at my volleyball tournaments where all my little girlies would be jealous and I could hook them up! :)

  7. I’d rock one of Kayd’s fabulous rings at work. My fingers spend all day on my keyboard. One of her lovely rings would be a treat for me and my hard working fingers.

  8. I would rock one of these at BINGO. Just in case one of those old ladies tried to get smart with me. I’d flash her the ring as a reminder of what happened to the last old lady and her little Troll doll that got between me and my BINGO winnings.

  9. I am in high school and (sadly) have no fancy-shamancy parties to go to… I would wear it at school. All my friends are into this kind of thing so I know that they all would be beyond jealous. I am just shallow enough for that to make my day ;-P
    seriously though the rings are so very amazing!

  10. LOOK! ma only thumbs (yay texting)

    Now my 19 followers can learn all bout your sweet blog

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  12. I think a better question is where WOULDN’T I wear one of those lovelies? They work for any occasion, day or night, dressed up or dressed down. Such fun repurposed pieces of history!

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  14. Ok, I gotta enter. I am really into rings lately, and would like a striking cocktail ring. I imagine wearing it out to dinner on a sweet date with my guy, in a dark and mysterious night spot!

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