style magic: rosie the riveter

Although my tastes are inherently girly, with a capital G, lately I’ve been drawn to the practical fashions of WWII-era factory gals. You know, outfits a “Rosie the Riveter” type of gal would’ve worn. So when I read about the passing of Geraldine Doyle, whose face served as the model for the iconic “We Can Do It” poster, I figured today seems like a good time to dig up some inspiring images from that time.

What’s to love…

♥ overalls ♥ chambray ♥ ankle socks ♥ bandannas ♥ loafers ♥ denim ♥ red lipstick ♥ nice brows ♥ button downs ♥ utilitarian ♥ simple ♥ scarves ♥ jumpers ♥ functionality ♥








Last but not least, here’s Geraldine Doyle when she was 17 years old. The photo was taken in 1942 at a metal pressing plant in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Funny fact: Geraldine only worked in the factory for two weeks. She quit when she learned that that another woman had damaged her hands while using the presser, and “she feared that such an injury would prevent her from playing the cello,” her daughter said.


This portrait was provided by Geraldine’s family. What a beauty.





3 thoughts on “style magic: rosie the riveter

  1. Love the one of the lady with the blowtorch. She looks like she could be anywhere between 15 and 35, and her expression is both vulnerable and determined. It’s amazing, really! Thanks for sharing these :)

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