three months in the making

Hello there!

True story: I started making this garland in September. September people! My original plan was to make a bunch and use them to decorate Mighty Swell’s first storefront. And then I was going to make a bunch and sell them at our event in December. Oh silly me.

Anyway, just a mere three months after starting, I really did  finish one off this week and here she is. I think it’s a cute, cozy way to add a little pretty to anyplace that could use it. And, to be honest, pom poms just make me happy. I hung this first one up from my $5.99 photo line in my bedroom.

I can’t crochet to save my life (believe me, I have tried and FAILED!), so instead of crocheting a line to link the poms together, I just tied the yarn that loops the pom together attempting to make the spaces in between as even as possible. Tying them together went super fast. Untangling them after they accidentally got mussed up did not. Lesson learned.

I bought the yarn at thrifts and then found a couple big, one-pound skeins on sale at Michael’s. (The pom pom maker I used was a gift from Rae, and it is also thrifted.) You can find detailed how-tos on making various pompom garlands here, here and here. And my favorite instructions for making poms themselves is here, courtesy of HonestlyWTF. (God, I could spend ages on that site!)

Well, happy Christmas eve eve to you all! Tonight I’m celebrating with my man. We’ve got plans for a fancy homemade steak dinner complete with mashed potatoes, green beans and a Paula Deen cheesecake for dessert (recipe here). He splurged on some delicious cuts at our favorite meat market and I can’t wait to get cookin’. Yay date night!



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