style magic: stevie nicks

Yesterday afternoon, I found this video of a fresh-faced Stevie Nicks, singing backstage as she gets her makeup done before an appearance in 1981. And in between now and then,  I’ve probably watched it 13,000 times.

I love how comfortable and happy she seemed. Something about how she couldn’t keep herself from singing, even when she’s sitting in the makeup artist’s chair, really just made me happy. Anyway, watching it made me want to track down more images of her from this era of her life.  You know, the “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”/Wild Heart era. When her off-stage style was more relaxed than the over-the-top gypsy looks she favored while performing.

{Click the images to go to the sources.}

If you don’t agree that she was insanely gorgeous, I’d say you’ve been smokin’ it. Also, I think I’ve officially developed a major thing for that late ’70s hair, as already documented here. Anyway, I hope you all have wonderful Tuesdays!






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