things i do when my boyfriend’s working his tail off

In December, my boyfriend’s work schedule gets crazy. Like work-30-some-hours-in-one-weekend crazy. To keep myself from getting bummed about not seeing him as much, I remind myself that it’s only temporary, and then try to make the most of the extra alone time. Here are some things I do while he’s out there a’hustlin’.

Thrift. (Duh.)

Finish books I’ve been chipping away at for ages. One example, Dogfight: A Love Story, by Matt Burgess. Matt’s an incredible storyteller and I really loved his book.

Go to bed early. Get up early. Boring, but true.

Listen to Christmas music all. the. time. The Complete James Brown Christmas, Christmas with the Louvin Brothers and the Trojan Box Set: Christmas have been heard a lot.

Have chill girls nights at home. Like the mini baby shower/nacho night we had for Jamie last Saturday.

Make yummy Christmas treats. Apple-cinnamon spiced Jameson, peppermint bark & these addictive pretzel-chocolate thingys are festive and e-a-s-y.

Work on my pom-pom garland. One of these nights I’ll finish it, I swear! (This pretty one, clearly, isn’t mine.)

Sort out the mess that is my studio. I have big plans for the space and can’t wait to have it be more functional. You know, instead of just being a place to pile clothes, books and boxes.

Other things I’ve been up to…working on my list of goals for 2011, watching way too much of this show (why can’t I turn it off?? WHY?) and eating air-popped popcorn with Sriracha & a smidge of butter. Yum.



2 thoughts on “things i do when my boyfriend’s working his tail off

  1. When my husband works in the evenings I always find myself sucked into the housewives… I can’t tear myself away either.

    Popcorn is one of our favorite evening snacks. Never tried it with Sriracha- that sounds great!

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