mighty swell pop-up pics


Holy buckets, can it really be Wednesday night already? Gee whiz, how time flies. Tonight, I thought I’d share some pics from our second Mighty Swell pop-up, courtesy of Kate NG Sommers, who not only was kind enough to come early and shoot the shop on Saturday, she also came toting a shovel. Which we needed in the most intense way possible.

So, in case you couldn’t make it, due to the epic snowfall, there are some little peeks. And if you did, THANK YOU SO MUCH for braving the weather and roads. Rae and I are already hatching plans for spring, and have some sweet ideas up our sleeves. Keep up with us on Facebook & Twitter to be the first in the know about our next event.

Well, I’m off to make a (hopefully) quick trip to IKEA. I’m hosting a mini baby shower for my dear friend Jamie on Saturday and am needing some somethings for a surprise project. The theme is “nachos.” Take a guess on who came up with that! ; )



4 thoughts on “mighty swell pop-up pics

  1. What great pictures! It was worth the treck. Although, looking at the broaches, I should have lingered and loitered – how lovely are they! I’ll have to patiently wait…

    PS love that you have kid stuff there. It is quite the treat.


    Love, the two of us.

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