recently found: vintage trash movie postcards @ eagles #34

If you haven’t been to the Eagles #34 in South, you’re missing out. On Saturday night, my sweetheart & I went there to see a group of bands his boss had booked, and I have to say, the whole evening was more fun than I’d bargained for. We arrived at a bit after 8, and found three separate rooms jumping with music (Cajun, ’50s, surf, bluegrass, rock ‘n roll, country…), a bake sale, a raffle (win a laptop, $100 cash, framed duck print, Cabela’s gift card…) and a $7 meatloaf dinner I would have been all about had I not just stuffed myself at Little T’s not even an hour before.

Across from the bake sale (Christmas cookies, banana bread, chocolate bark…) were a couple tables packed with rummage-y stuff (potpourri pinecones, crocheted reindeer, baseball cards, kitty calendars…). I spotted these oversized postcards featuring trash movies from the ’40s and ’50s behind some used books. I have a wee bit of an obsessive collection of vintage postcards, and figured these would make good additions. Some of the movie titles cracked me up.

I think I spent $10 for a bunch of them, and all the moola went to the University of Iowa Diabetes Research Center. The rest of the night was spent sipping Screamin’ Eagles (which sounds like the name of a high school football team mascot, but really is a deliciously creamy hot toddy, the likes of which I’ve not had outside of that specific hole-in-the-wall) and listening to great music with my honey. It was a great time, all around. Which was, in my book, excuse enough to get out the Instax.

I hope you had fun weekends, too. I’m off to (hopefully) have an ultra-ultra productive night pricing, steaming & mending clothes for the weekend. Wish me luck! I needs it!



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