high plains stamp of approval: antler&co.

Hey y’all.

Meet my friends, Greg and Jess.

This fall, they were quite busy. See this cabin in the woods?
They built it.

In addition to constructing their little love-shack-from-scratch (you know, nbd), they also decided to kick out a line of one-of-a-kind housewares, just in time for the holidays. Handmade from shed deer antlers collected in the quiet north woods, every single antler&co. hook, mobile, shelf and tree is an original. They’re also awesome. (Apartment Therapy agrees!)

Each one comes with all the necessary hardware to hang it up and put to use pronto, and can be hung securely on both wood studs and drywall.

I personally would recommend snapping up the modern mobile before they’ve all up and sold. It comes with three little “curiosities,”  and, considering that both Greg & Jess are ridiculously talented photogs and artists, you can be assured that your add-on goodies will be sweet.

Learn more about antler&co.’s entire line here, and keep up with their young buck Twitter-ers over here or on their blog.

Congrats, G & G! I love you both.



P.S. Couple & cabin photos are from Greg’s and antler&co.’s Flickrs. (Hint: Check that shit out, here & here.)

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