mighty swell vendor preview: attys vintage

I’m so, so, so pumped to have my pal Atty, of Attys Vintage, participating in the next Mighty Swell sale. She has the most fabulous and fun mid-centry finds—I’m pretty sure I’ve hearted nearly half of her shop’s stock!

Anyway, I put together a cute little gift guide featuring some of what will up for grabs at the sale, and let me tell, had a hard time keeping it short! Atty also promises to have a couple sets of vintage dishes on hand, in addition to plenty of glass and bar ware, home decor and other nostalgic goodies of all kinds.



Isn’t all super precious??! Come by next Saturday *early* to get first dibs! (Or, if you can’t make it, check out Atty’s super-stocked Etsy shop. It’s 400+ items strong and she’s got plenty in her sale section, too!!!)



3 thoughts on “mighty swell vendor preview: attys vintage

  1. Oh my gosh, a friend in High School had one of those mirrors and she was so damn glamorous and when i saw her mirror i thought it was the most amazing thing ever and have never seen one again – how brilliant!!


  2. *Loving* this vendor!! My mom would just die opening that Royal Wedding book on Christmas! And the food warmer reminds me of holidays at my Grandparents – Grandpa always insists we eat from warm plates! Can’t wait for next weekend!

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