on the brain: winter getaway apparel

Hi, and happy Friday!

So, my girl Mary and I are making plans for a little winter getaway. The two requirements for this trip? Our destination has to be hot and the whole shebang needs to be done on the cheap. And of course, the planner in me is already saving up ideas of things to wear while we’re on our sunny, tropical vacay.

These looks from Strummer hit the spot.



Do you all have winter travel plans? Any tips on where to find affordable vacation deals? I’m all ears!



5 thoughts on “on the brain: winter getaway apparel

  1. The BF and I are wanderlusting as well! My mind keeps going back to Arizona and the Grand Canyon. Camping at a beautiful national park might be a cheap option? I don’t have all the necessary gear for camping but if I did…

  2. you ever been to isla mujeres? it’s an island off of cancun. there’s a sweet hostel there that’s around $10 a night if you tent it. you get free toast and coffee for breakfast every morning. the whole island is maybe a few miles long so getting around is easy. I went once and it was pretty cheap! The most expensive thing is the flight :(

  3. last january, dave and i went to puerto rico for 6 days and it was SO AMAZING. we stayed in old san juan, surrounded by tons of amazing food and things to do. the people living there were really friendly and gave us great tips on where to eat, what to do, etc.

    also, mid january they have this incredible street festival where for 4 days the town is shut down to traffic and people drink, eat and dance in the streets all day and night. we didn’t know about it before and just luckily picked that weekend to start our vacation, but now i couldn’t imagine going to PR during any other time!

    another also, the rain forest is beautiful and you can go night kayaking to a bio-luminescent bay.

  4. i don’t have any awesome travel advice. but i do love that black dress and necklace! oh, and the plaid shirt/denim shorts combo! adorable. i hope you find somewhere warm to go on the cheap! sounds SO great right now.

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