every girl needs: love notes

Hi there!

Is there anything better than coming home to find a sweet hand-written note from your honey? I don’t think so. (Actually, wait! On second thought, there is! Coming home to a hand-written love note from your sweetie that’s sitting on top of the bed that’s been made! Yes! Topped it!)

Anyway, I’m a big fan in letting people know how you feel about them. If you love someone, why not tell them so? And you don’t have to be formal or flashy, there are a zillion creative ways to say those three little words. (Sidenote: Creativity = hot!)  Here are a few sweet ways to get your wheels a’turnin’…

1. With adorable toast letters 2. Lipstick on window

3. On a postcard 4. On a Post-It note

5. Via text message 6. With sign language

7. Spell it out 8. With jewelry

9. Pretty paper cut-outs 10. Hand-written and left on a made bed ; )






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