style magic: sylvie vartan

Hey lovelies!

Holy moly! My creativity’s been kick-started majorly these past few days and I’m straight-up brimming with ideas. I’ve been busy hatching plans—for my new studio space, for growing my business, for some amazing trips I want to take with my sweetheart and of course, cooking up new things for the blog. Le duh!

That said, today, I’m debuting a regular photo-heavy feature called Style Magic. We all know, or know of people who have effortlessly cool, sparkly style. And I don’t mean sparkly like sequins, glitter and gold, but sparkly like aspirational, unique and awesome.

This first post features the *very* magical Sylvie Vartan. I pretty much adore everything about this French yé-yé girl, from her hair to the gap between her teeth.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 56 / 7 / 8 /9 /10

If y’all are interested, there are quite a few rad Varton videos on You Tube. The vid for her rendition of “Locomotion” is quite memorable, especially. Well, I wish you all happy evenings. My sweetie’s finally off of work and we’re heading out for a bubble tea date. Two-for-one punches at the Tea Garden on Tuesdays…yessss!



P.S. Mighty Swell’s website got a fresh little update today! Check it out!

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