adventures in merchandising

Howdy all!

Have you heard the exciting news? The deets for the Mighty Swell holiday pop-up shop have been finalized!!! Hop on over to our Facebook page to get the scoop!

One of the things I love most about putting together a pop-up shop is dealing with each location’s set of quirks. It’s our job to make sure the merchandise looks awesome, and that the store’s easy and fun to shop in. Our new location, Tarnish & Gold, has double the space our first pop-up spot had. Meaning, we’re going to have more room to play in. Yesss! Here are some merchandising ideas that have caught my eye lately…

Etsy vendor Nice is an experienced pop-up vendor & merchandising pro. I love the sneak peeks she posted before Chicago’s Vintage Bazaar on her blog. It’d be cool to do little outfit set-ups like this throughout the gallery.

At the last sale, we overloaded a coat tree with purses, making it fairly cumbersome to browse. I think we can do better.  Maybe filling a wall with them would work well, like Kate Spade did in her London pop-up shop? They’d be a pain to get down, but at least you can see what’s what.

I adore the interior styling of Sarah Illenberger‘s apartment in Berlin. And seeing her letterpress jewelry display confirmed that Rae and I need to thrift one to use for our shop. Check out more pics from her space here.

I caught a glimpse of the home studio belonging to the beautiful Miss James, owner of Bleubird Vintage, on her blog today. I liked how she used wooden hangers to show off sunglasses and headpieces.

I’d love to track down a couple more mannequins and group them together like these frocks in this purty painting by Janet Hill.

Anyway, we have lots and lots of work to do in the next six weeks. Tonight, I’ve caught up on inventory (blah) and now am fixin’ to make some more tags. First up though, a break for homemade cashew chicken. Yummy!



3 thoughts on “adventures in merchandising

  1. Can’t Wait!!!

    These display ideas are so great! I love the shadowbox/letterpress box with jewelry. Might have to try that one out at home. I’m always looking for new ways to store my stuff.

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