blogroll love: kissssing


My name is Meghan, and I just fell in love with a blog called kissssing. Truth: I’m a sucker for anything romantic. Including, of course, making out. Which is why this mushy blog gets special attention whenever it pops up in my reader.


On it, you won’t find dating tips or advice for making your marriage better. Just sweet, sentimental photos of people getting all lovey-dovey, with a love-related quote or lyric inserted here and there.
In a word: perfection.

Jim Folsom, Governor of Alabama 1947-1951

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

My Baptist grandma didn’t lie: Dancing leads to kissing.

Linda & Paul McCartney

Making out while afloat in inner-tubes, beer in hand?
This couple rules!

And, since we’re talking romance, check out this to-do list handwritten by Johnny Cash. Judging by item no. 2, it seems that Johnny, too, recognized the importance smoochin’ has in a long-lasting love affair.

P.S. This gem is up for auction on December 3 & 4, along with a whole slew of Johnny’s personal items. Wouldn’t this, framed up, make for the most romantic present EVER? I would m-e-l-t with happiness if I found this under my Christmas tree. Sigh…a girl can dream, right?



P.S. Thanks to When You Awake for the heads up on the Cash estate sale.

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