the couch that got away


See the couch in this photo? It haunts my dreams.

I know this has happened to you: You’re out thrifting,  and you find something great. But for whatever reason (you have to pee, your cart’s full, you’re out of money, you’re out of time), you decide to pass it up. Time passes, and then it dawns on you: What the HELL were you thinking? You now need that sweater/jacket/album/necklace/picture frame worse than ANYTHING in the world. You hustle back to the store with a faint fleeting hope your object of desire is still there, waiting to go home with you, and of course, it’s not.

This happened to me this year, with a couch. I was at Bibles for Missions in Crystal, and spotted this cheerful floral patterned vintage couch. It was in primo condition and on top of that, the beauty was matched with incredible comfort. The price? $35. I talked myself out of buying it because I didn’t think it would fit it in my car and also, because of the small fact that I really, actually, don’t need a couch. Two legit excuses,  both of which I wish I had written off. I realized my mistake later that night (probably when I was sitting on my uncomfortable IKEA sofa), and the next day, I called the shop. You know how it ends. Of course, it had been sold.

Fast-forward to last night’s ritual pre-bedtime blog reading AND I SEE “MY” COUCH. Talk about reopening a fresh wound! Gah! How perfect that pattern is! How great would those colors look in my living room! How nice it would be to have a couch that I could actually nap on! DAMN IT!!! I wish I had snapped it up.


All photos (and persumably, the couch) belong to the talented leah bernhardt. Photos were featured on the always inspiring Here Comes the Sun.

MORAL OF THE STORY:If you find something really, really exceptional, think twice (or maybe three times) before passing it over.



1 thought on “the couch that got away

  1. Perhaps this is the right place to tell my tale: shopping at an ARC(thrift store) in Denver on Saturday. I was there to be with family on my brother’s birthday. He passed away 4 years ago. I found a beautiful album of the Creole mass played at his funeral, in orange-his favorite color. But when I got home I didn’t have it. It wasn’t on my receipt. I panicked, drove back and couldn’t find it anywhere! Another loss. If my sister hadn’t been with me, I would have thought I made it up. It will have to be enough that I saw it that day.

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