birthdays galore

Goodness me!

Is everyone and their mother (except mine) celebrating a birthday this month? I have to admit, too, that I’ve had a couple panicky moments wondering if I’d mixed one b-day up with another or sent a “happy birthday” text on the totally wrong day. Awkward much? Anyway, I think the time to start keeping better track of who celebrates what, when, is now.

And while there’s an app for that, I think I’ll just pick up a pretty, sweet birthday calendar and write important dates in the old-fashioned way. With a pen. My eye’s on this one from Mod Cloth.

Are you good at remembering birthdays? Any tricks or tips to share?

I hope you all have lovely Thursdays! I’m looking forward to this afternoon’s gluttonous Halloween potluck at the office. I made this kind-of old-school crock pot Reuben dip. It’s so easy and oh-so-very good.



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