every girl needs: hot rollers

Y’all already know all about how much I love being a girl and doing lady-like stuff, like painting my nails, hand-writing thank you notes and rolling my hair.

I got hooked on hot rollers in a major way when I lived with Jess, who is a grand-master at the art of it. On especially lucky occasions, she’d even roll it for me, while I sat and we gabbed. It was the equivalent, in terms of relaxation, to a couple glasses of wine or an hour-long sweaty yoga class after a long day at work. Really awesome.

So, when I spotted these beauties from Bourbon & Lace at the Mighty Swell sale, I knew I HAD to have them before I even opened the box. Luckily, Rae wanted a dress of mine that was close in price, so we swapped and I got to bring these pretty things home with me.

Let’s take a quick sec to talk about how awesome these are. The box? It’s original. The rollers inside appear to have never been used. Plus, every one is topped with a little flower! The icing on the cake? They come travel-ready, in a plastic, handled carrying case. Radness. Am I the only one who geeks out over shit like this?? In looooove.

Another super cool thing…they turn off when the lid is closed & on when it’s open. Hot and ready to roll!

All done!

Helpful hints for happy rolling:

♥ Chill out. Take your time.

♥ Don’t be a dummy—use a heat protectant spray beforehand. Consider this as optional as applying sunscreen before an afternoon at the beach. As in, it’s not optional! Your hair will be much happier & healthier if you do this. This drugstore spray is what I use, and it’s less than $6.

♥ Use a claw-clip to divide your hair into several sections, and roll one at a time. I clip all my hair up, and roll the bottom hair first, moving my way up, one small part at a time. Brush it smooth before rolling, or your curls will be fuzzy and frizzy.

♥ Random: Jess swears that once you’re done, popping outside (especially if it’s cold out), helps set the curl. My trick for long-lasting curls is more basic: I try to leave the rollers in as long as I can, and then I set with my favorite hair spray.

♥ Your curls will be super tight and wacky at first. Don’t panic! I usually pull my hair back for a bit or tousle it up, and in a half-hour or so, it’s lost that pageant-y tight bounce. It will relax into sweet waves in a bit. Be patient!

Anyway, I’m so stoked about this find, and had to share! Be back soon with a long-overdue store review!





4 thoughts on “every girl needs: hot rollers

  1. Saweet! I think my mom has a set of those too! I remember using them as a little girl…I should see if I can get them from her. Love it!

  2. This post is so GREAT! Especially because I just did a blog post about how I think curly hair is sometimes under-appreciated and it bums me out. It’s so fun to see your tips on how to achieve pretty curls and I’m happy to see you rock ’em!

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