workin’ on my fitness


Jane Fonda, doing yoga in tights & a skirt. With her cat.


Oh. My. Gah. The amount of things in the “will deal with it after Mighty Swell” area of my mental to-do list is epic. Examples: take my dog on walks, eat meals that aren’t out of a Pizza Lucé box, wash my kitchen floor, plan date nights with girlfriends, clean the nasty trap in my dishwasher (done today—I nearly puked for real!), start reading a book, get back to blogging.

Also somewhere on this list? Exercise. Truth be told, I don’t much care for working out. But in the past month, there were some days I actually longed for the time to go on an after-work run or drop in on a yoga class. Vegetables and fruits? I missed them too. And you know what else? Some of my favorite dresses are starting to not fit like they used to. My cut-offs are a titch too tight.  And folks, when it comes to motivation, there’s nothing that gets me off the couch and into my tennies quicker than the thought of not being able to wear what I want.

And so, I’m taking baby steps towards regular exercise—a  little run on Saturday, a long walk with Finn (and Toots & the Maytals) yesterday, a yoga date scheduled tomorrow. I even pulled out my old Pilates DVDs from college (and upset my Wii/Netflix player in the process—oopsies!). Don’t fret—the blog will not be taken over by fitness-related posts—I just figured I’d let you know about what I’m up to. It’s this thing called catching up…and I’m taking it one day at a time.



2 thoughts on “workin’ on my fitness

  1. You are preaching to the choir! Trying on last years fall/winter clothes almost brought me to tears. This chubby butt WILL get back in shape if I have to run laps around my living room to do it!

  2. Hi dear! Your post made me laugh out loud. Still smiling actually…You’re so funny…I would *love* to drop-in on a yoga class whenever you feel inspired. xo

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