mighty swell vendor profile: tulabaru

Howdy ho!

Cute headbands & hair pieces make me weak-kneed, but I’m especially susceptible to splurging when they’re designed and made by my talented pal, April Swinson.

Her one-of-a-kind creations, retailed in her Etsy shop Tulabaru, are put together with the prettiest lace, ribbons, bows and feathers, with a healthy dose of both wearable-ness and whimsy. April thinks nothing of spending hours upon hours poring over drawers of vintage lace, boxes of trim and spools of ribbon, and then incorporates these vintage materials in her thoroughly modern, flattering designs.

I’m so excited Mighty Swell shoppers will have the chance to nab up all kinds of Tulabaru pieces to wear proudly atop their pretty little heads. Read on to learn more about what handmade loveliness will be available this weekend!

Me: How long have you been creating headbands/hairpieces? What kind of things will you be selling at Mighty Swell?

April: I’ve been creating fascinators and other products for nearly two years now. I’ll be selling handmade fascinators, headbands and barrettes that are made with vintage lace, brooches and other goodies I’ve found and collected over the years.

Me: What kind of vintage materials do you work into your designs?

April: I love working with vintage French and Russian lace—it’s always timeless and elegant.  I also work a lot with feathers, brooches and old silk bows and flowers.

Me: What are the price points for your items?

April: Price points are based on the time and effort required to make the piece as well as the cost of the materials used.  It’s important to me that Tulabaru is affordable for all and most items are priced between $25 and $50, with some goods being sold for under $20.

Me: What are some of your favorite things you’ll be selling?

April: I’ve been experimenting a lot with velvet—velvet bows on clips, headbands and barrettes especially. There’s also a handmade hat that I’ll be selling that I’m particularly fond of… it’s a beautiful sea-foam green with a removable vintage brooch attachment. The brooch can be removed to wear as, well, a brooch or an attachment for a different headband, etc.

Only a limited amount of Tulabaru items will be for sale this weekend, so hustle in Saturday to get first crack at it. (FYI, more sneak peeks of Tulabaru goodies and other items, up for grabs this weekend, are up on our Facebook page. ) April also takes custom orders, so if you have an idea for an original creation, she’s all ears!

Take care lovelies & we’ll see you back here tomorrow…



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