lust list: cozy comforts

So yesterday, I had a serious craving for cozy.

In need of something wool-y, I dug through my (very disorganized) drawers of assorted tights, socks and nighties. The result? Two halves of my favorite pairs of leg warmers! Nary a full pair to be found. Argh! The takeaway is two-fold: 1. Must. Get. Organized. 2. Stock up on comfortable, warm knits.


A headband: Ruin a good hair day with hat head? Um, no thanks. I love this reasonably priced, lipstick red, fuck-you-frostbite bow.Big ol’ Bow Earwamers, by Yes Jess, $28

A new poncho: Ponchos (and capes) rock in terms of keeping me snug.

Vintage ’70s Fringe Poncho, from Lotus Vintage NY, $65

Scarves: I love this Southwestern-patterned beauty!

ASOS Bright Pattern Snood, £20

Cozies: I have a feeling I’d lose a cup cozy in approximately three two days, but if I would hang onto one, it’d have hearts on it.

Heartwarming Cozy, by Polka Dot Robot, $18 (SALE)

And last but not least, I need to find my M.I.A. legwarmers.

Jane Fonda = queen of leg warmers. Source

How do y’all stay cozy come fall? Hot cider? Bouclé cardigans? Fingerless gloves? Winter’s upon us here in Minneapolis, so your ideas will be appreciated by me, for dang sure! See y’all back here tomorrow!



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