merchandising mania

Hey lovelies!

Rae and I have been brainstorming up ways to make Mighty Swell the cutest pop-up shop on the planet without emptying our bank accounts. We’ve stockpiled the standard rolling racks, but are also scoping out other less traditional (and perhaps less expensive) ways to display merchandise. Here are a few of my favorite ideas that have caught my eye.

Belting up a body form, like the clever folks at Haberdash Vintage did, allows shoppers to see how they would look on an actual human form, and makes them easy to take off and try on.

I love this idea from Girls Love Shoes for displaying heels! Plus it’s shop-able from both sides and the grids would be light and easy to set up.

I see letterpress boxes like this all the time at flea markets for super cheap. Apron Thrift Girl just did a tutorial on how-to prettify the plain wood & use it for jewelry display, too, that caught my eye. The one pictured below is available here for $98.

We also have plans to cover the back wall of Umber with a rad collection of art that’ll be for sale, and make that area a sort of lounge-y/living room type space with chairs, books, mags, etc. Since we have so much stuff to hang, it’s definitely going to look a lot like this—packed. (How pretty is that pink chair, btw? Want it!)


Not sure yet what we’re going to do with the heaps of pretty purses and bags we have to unload. Maybe we’ll just pile them in a heap like London-based pop-up Rag & Bow did? Hmmmm.

I’m digging this antler jewelry display & the idea of hanging clothes on chains against the wall. Thank you Amanda, for sending!


What else should we consider as temporary retailers? What kind of merchandising/displays would you like to see at the sale? I’m all ears!



3 thoughts on “merchandising mania

  1. I have been a merchandiser for a number of years and bags were always the hardest to create displays for, but one of my favorites was hanging bags with straps on dress forms.

  2. What a great blog post! I am inspired to make one of those letter press things to hang on my bedroom wall and keep my earrings and small things tidy.

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