gone rockin’

Oh my gosh you guys, it’s finally Friday!!!

I can barely contain myself today, because tomorrow, my honey & I are heading to Chicago to see Iggy & The Stooges.  It feels like we bought our tickets 150 years ago, and the fact that this weekend is THE weekend is making me supremely giddy.

I have a hunch that the weekend will go by in a literal blink, because we have loads of stuff we want to do. Like take a tour of Chess Records. Sight see from a boat. Eat tacos & play the jukebox at Big Star. Pig out on Lou Malnati’s deep-dish pizza. Dance ourselves silly at a soul dance party at The Empty Bottle. Stock up on Bears gear (for me, not him). Swim in Lake Michigan. Eat hot dogs at Hot Doug’s. Party at Al Capone’s old hangout after The Stooges. Oh, and did I mention we’re staying here? No really. I’m not joking.

I secretly hope to sneak in the teensiest bit of vintage shopping, too, but won’t be heartbroken if I that doesn’t happen. I’m bringing, like four cameras (including this new toy beauty I got specifically for the trip), so get prepped to see lots of photos from our big city adventure next week.

Happy weekends, everyone!!!



P.S. Pretty photo of Chicago was found here.

4 thoughts on “gone rockin’

  1. It seems like everyone is going on a weekend trip right now. How fun! I’m glad you enjoyed the playlist. I hope you come back for this weeks playlist.

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