guest blogging at beauty bets


This Wednesday is going to be beautiful. Wanna know why?

For one, it’s the middle of the work-week. Just a couple more days, and then another blissful weekend will be here. And as you all know, I love my weekends.

For two, it’s the day my weekly beauty column runs over at Beauty Bets. This week, I shared an off-the-menu salon technique that extends the life of summery highlights, and keeps dollars in your pocket. I even show off my greasy roots in the before photo. The things I do for you dear readers, I tell ya! Check out the post here.

For three, I’m finally getting a new garage door! This might not sound like a huge deal, but believe me, it IS. I’ve been without a working garage door for ages, and finally have enough saved to replace it. Yessss!

And last, but not least, Wednesdays = nacho night. Icing on the cake.

Hope your days are fantastic!



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