just bead it

Hey there!

Did any of y’all go through a beading phase when you were a young’un? I sure did. And like many a youthful hobby, of course I dropped it and moved on to the next thing, probably something like playing the cello, making skirts or boy-catching. Anyway, I’m kind of wishing I had stuck with it, since lately, all sorts of beaded jewelry has been catching my eye. Here’s a handful of favorites…

Simply sexy. Really. This is just plain hot.

Triangle Beadwork and Webbed Chain Necklace, $42

I love bracelets like this. Ones you can wear with everything and that look fantastic layered with other day-in, day-out pieces.

Leather Beaded Adjustable Bracelet, $18

Every girl needs statement earrings. Like, lots of them.

Noir Jewelry Demi Hoops, $75

Did seeing all the pretty pieces made by these gals turn me onto this beadwork kick? Perhaps. Okay, yes.

Did you know you could win a custom-made piece (like the necklace pictured above) from Spilled Milk Factory just by dropping the High Plains name at the Red Hot Art Festival and Caffetto Craft Fair, both happening in Minneapolis this weekend? Well, you can! If you missed it, the details are at the bottom of this post here. It’s a seriously sweet giveaway!

So, I got to see Neil Young last night and it was awesome.  The whole set was fairly magical—he sounded great and played a bunch of old favorites. I was so wired when I got home, I stayed up well past my bedtime watching old videos of him on You Tube. He opened the show last night with this song, which is one of my favorites.

Happy Friday to you all…



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