cool tumblr find: salvation army thrift store gold

Howdy ho!

I thought I’d share this little Tumblr I discovered this week, Salvation Army Thrift Store Gold. Devoted to showcasing thrifted treasures from Salvation Army stores across the country, this site is sure to invoke all kinds of “I-wish-I-found-that” envy.

Here are some of my favorite finds.

A 99 cent Polaroid camera that works? Win!

This blonde Heywood Wakefield coffee table is a total score. Puppies by this famous mid-century brand retail for $750! See?

This youngster, in his thrifted jacket and sideways smile, is so cute.

I love thrifting at Salvation Armies (as evidenced here, here and here), and thoroughly enjoyed nerding out over other folks’ finds. You can help this fledgling blog gain momentum by submitting your Salvation Army-found treasures here.

Have a lovely morning!



7 thoughts on “cool tumblr find: salvation army thrift store gold

  1. As the owner of the aforementioned Heywood Wakefield table, I can tell you, it’s lovely! I worked on the finish for a few days, but it was in pretty good shape when I found it.

    Thanks for your post about all the great stuff to be found at The Salvation Army!

    Happy Thrifting!

  2. Just found your website. Excellent treasures! Did your poloroid come with film? I just recently got one too but I’m wondering where to find film for it. Any ideas? Thanks!

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