how to: make horchata popsicles

Happy Monday, lovelies!

Remember back when I introduced you to Erica, owner of Foxy Falafel? I’ve been helping the busy gal out from time-to-time at the stand and it’s been fun. Side note: Come say hi! Just promise you’ll be patient, as I’m the slowest change-maker known to man.
Math = hardness.

Anyway, last Sunday, I had the pleasure of working the Uptown Farmers’ Market stand with foxy Foxy employee Tasha. And, boy, was it hot. Like really hot. And humid. So, when I saw person after person stroll by with dripping popsicles, I thought: I gotta get me one of them. Sadly, by the time I made it to Dandelion Kitchen‘s stand they had already sold out of their flavor of the day: raspberry-horchata. (I did wind up with two fists full of their homemade sodas—basil-lime & lemon-ginger. Both were insanely refreshing!!) Ever since then, I’ve been itching to try making them at home.

And so I did.


♥ 1 bag frozen raspberries (Thaw them a little bit, which, in this heat, will take approximately 30 seconds!)

♥ A tablespoon or so of sugar

♥ 3-4 cups of fresh horchata (I bought a ginormous cup from Tacqueria La Hacienda at Mercado Central for $3.99.)

♥ Popsicle molds (I found these at Target.)

♥ Food processor or blender


1. Blend up the softened raspberries in the processor or blender. Add the sugar as they’re whirring around.

2. Plop a spoonful of raspberry puree into the molds.

3. Top with horchata.

4. Fit sicks in the molds, and pop in freezer.

Results: 12 cinnamon-y, creamy, fruity, sticky, delicious popsicles.


Did you all have great weekends? Mine was, in a word, amazing, and hope yours was, too.



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