dream a little dream with me


My plans of saving up for a scooter went out the window when I saw this photo on A Beautiful Mess this morning.

I’m officially obsessed with the idea of tooling around town, towing a trailer packed to the gills with vintage treasures, as the lovely Jill from Lune Vintage does with her trailer, aka the “Egg.” I don’t have the attention span or knowledge to run a store day-in and day-out, which makes a mobile, open-when-you-want-it-to-be shop that much more appealing.

Sidenote: Be sure to check out Jill’s blog, which is packed with tips on how to run a pop-up  shop (she’s been at it for 10 years!), easy diy ideas and lots & lots of gorgeous pics of the vintage lovelies she thrifts. (And sells in her Etsy shop.)

I’m off to see if I can find the password to my latent, dusty ING account! The poor thing’s been woefully ignored these past few months…

Let the penny-pinching begin continue!

What dreams are you saving up for? Any tips for painless saving?? Does such a thing even exist??!



4 thoughts on “dream a little dream with me

  1. there is no such thing as painless saving, im working more hours BUT inmy lumch breaks im going around town shopping its awful!! x

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