merci beaucoup, l’etoile!

Hurray! Friday’s finally here!!

Do you have any get-ready-for-the-weekend rituals? I like to plot out which estate sales/flea markets/thrift stores I’m going to visit, paint my nails, stock up on Pacifico and make sure I have enough clean clothes to get me through to Monday.

Additionally, one thing I have to do before Friday rolls around is read L’Etoile‘s round-up of weekend happenings. The intelligently curated list of events highlights the cream of the crop in the art, music, dance and fashion scenes, and perusing it makes narrowing down my weekend plans infinitely easier.

Sooooo, when I spotted my own two feet, along with a little write-up about the ol’ blog, in this week’s Weekend What’s What…well, you can imagine my total surprise/delight/excitement. I think my jaw dropped, no joke!

Click here to read the ditty on High Plains, tucked into a hearty list of summery-fun Twin Cities happenings (Bicycle Film Festival!, Learning Curve Records Fest!, FEAST!, Bastille Day Block Party!). And then add L’etoile to your reader tout de suite. Le duh.

I don’t know how my day can get any better, but I have a feeling it just might.



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