photo tour: marge’s this & that

Hi, hi, hi!

When it comes to finding thrift stores in new towns, I’m like a fat kid in a diabetic’s kitchen—somewhere, behind the Splenda and zucchinis, there’s a Snickers bar, and I’m fixin’ to find it.

I think this trait is somewhat genetic, because whenever I’m hanging out with my mom, within the first 20 minutes, we’re inevitably talking about any and every  thrift stores within a 25-mile radius. The woman has her shit down. (Sorry for the cuss Mama!) This conversation is usually accompanied by a show-and-tell/fashion show, during which she shows off her latest finds—most recently, it was an Aussie-made, safari-ready duster jacket. (Which kind of reminded me of this.) The apple and the tree. They’re not so distant from one another on this.

So naturally, within minutes of being at our family’s cabin, Marmee had to fill me in on a couple of thrifts a few miles off in Iron River, Wisconsin. The very next morning, Mary & I trekked on over to find our intended destination (The Fig Leaf Thrift Store) closed, but the shop next door, Marge’s This & That, very much open. It’s a magical place, Marge’s.

Mary summed it up best (as she commonly does):

“This store really is this and that.”

C’mon a photo tour with me. It’ll be fun.

There was a whole wall of knick-knacks. I found a fawn. It was exciting.

Half-a-rack of circa-1990s/1980s invitations, thank-you notes and greeting cards.

Bible Trivia, “where trivia is not trivial.” I so should have bought this.

This phone is amazing.

American Apparel’s scrunchies are $6. Marge’s are 25 cents.

His Sexiest Musks, next to a ‘roided up Bod Man.

Enema and saline solution, douche and sunscreen, hair dye and toothpaste. Happily ever after on the shelves at This & That.

I’ve started collecting mugs that say things I’m not. I got one here that says “My daughter’s a Delta!”

What else would you buy in a place like this? Well, let me tell ya! A package of five toothbrushes for $1, a handful of vintage hankies, the fawn, the mug, a bitchin’ ’80s backpack and a sweet old bandanna is what.

Anyway, if you’re ever up that way, stop in and say hi to Marge. She’s kind of a crab, but it’s cool. Because her store, as you saw, rocks.

Marge’s This & That

7540 US Highway 2

Iron River, Wisconsin 54847

Thanks to Mary for sharing a couple of her pics…



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